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All Cal + Aura Collaboration

Aura Clothing is incredibly excited to partner with The All Cal this year! One of Aura's founder's, Nate Tom, biggest college regrets was never making it out to All Cal while he was a student at UCLA. He loved the camaraderie, the friendship, and the competition that connected all of the UCs up and down the state.  He never went because he did not know how to snowboard. It was not until Riley Gibbs, this year's All Cal Director, sold him his first board, boots, jacket, and pants two years ago that he truly fell in love with the sport.

As a thank you to Riley, Aura wanted to add some swagger to this year’s All Cal kit with the “Crown of Palmyra Peak”. This custom, single release kimono is designed to be a celebration of the friendship, fun, and competition that the greatest assembly of skiers and snowboarders from the various Universities of California stands for.

Riders of The All Cal, wear the Crown of Palmyra Peak with pride over your jacket and show Telluride what the All Cal is all about this year.

Founded in 1954, The All Cal is currently one of the largest student run ski and snowboard trip in the US. Every year, hundreds of students from the University of California schools, including Davis, Irvine, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, and Berkeley converge on one of North America's premier resorts for a week of skiing, snowboarding, parties and events. Aside from being an amazing trip, the All Cal is also a competition between the various schools, with several on and off mountain events. The winning school takes home the covenant All Cal Cup.