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Created by Nate Tom,  clothing is a brand that is dedicated to connecting clothing to expression, memories, and experiences. 


One of the most indescribable, irreplaceable, and beautiful feelings is your first step into a music festival on day one. Your heart skips a beat, your ears perk to the music at the nearby stage, you take a deep breath, and you know it. You are here. You turn around and see your friends - their smiles mirror your's. Instantly, you forget everything else; nothing else matters. No work. No school. No drama. No rent. No bills. No stress. It's you. It's your friends. It's the music. Its' the community. It's here. It's now. You lift your arms up almost as if to say, "I have arrived! I am here! I am home!" From this moment on, you can be you. Express yourself through how you move, what you are wearing, and the energy you put out into the festival. This is your